Infinite Flight VA Regulatory Board

The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is the governing and assisting body that controls and coordinates all efforts and operations within the VA community. The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is designed and intended to enhance the VA sector of the Infinite Flight Community.



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IFVARB Community Spotlight - April



IFVARB Community Spotlight

In the first edition of our IFVARB Community Spotlight, we met with AFKLM CEO Omar, Fly Emirates CEO MJL Productions, and DLVA Board of Directors member MDoor about the ins and out of leading a VA. 

Catch up with this month's community spotlight on the IFC! 


Author: Avatar @mwe2187


Staffing Updates 1-12-2020


We would like to welcome @MDoor and @Jon_H to the leader team to expedite review times. Their wealth of experience as members will serve them well as leaders.

@Chris_Hoover has resigned effective immediately to focus on other IF-related projects. We thank him for his service to the IFVARB and wish him the best in his future endeavours.

In his place, the IFVARB Admin team has appointed @mwe2187 to the post of Administrator by unanimous selection effective immediately. @mwe2187 has demonstrated exemplary service to the IFVARB during his tenure as Member and Leader. We are confident that he is well-suited to the role and will bring a great deal of skill and expertise to the team.



We look forward with working with our members in their expanded roles and we hope that you can welcome them to the team!

Author: Avatar @Danman