Infinite Flight VA Regulatory Board

The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is the governing and assisting body that controls and coordinates all efforts and operations within the VA community. The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is designed and intended to enhance the VA sector of the Infinite Flight Community.

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Activity check-in has concluded.
Data below consists of approved numbers but may be updated. Activity score is calculated based on flights logged, events held, new recruits, and a few other factors, normalized to the size of each VA/VO. Activity check-in data is being finalized.


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VA/VO ranking for this round of activity reporting will be released after all submissions are thoroughly checked to ensure accuracy.

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VAs/VOs are ranked below based on activity scores calculated based on various criteria, but most importantly, taking into account the size of the VA/VO to level the playing field.

  Website Flights Events Recruits Profile
1 FedEx Virtual Group 1,676 34 55 View Details
2 United Virtual 1,268 30 60 View Details
3 Air France - KLM Virtual Group 3,223 33 30 View Details
4 Etihad Virtual Airways 460 44 26 View Details
5 Finnair Virtual 1,352 22 15 View Details
6 Ryanair Virtual Group 600 40 18 View Details
7 Southwest Virtual 403 24 29 View Details
8 Infinite Flight Indonesia 108 8 56 View Details
9 British Airways Virtual Airline 1,665 6 45 View Details
10 Avianca Virtual 190 35 10 View Details
11 American Virtual 665 16 31 View Details
12 Qantas Virtual Group 793 5 31 View Details
13 UPS Virtual 586 14 10 View Details
14 Austrian Virtual 450 8 3 View Details
15 Ethiopian Airlines 534 10 7 View Details
16 IFAE - Global Air Forces 565 2 23 View Details
17 Infinite Flight Aero Brasil 675 8 2 View Details
18 India Virtual 179 8 15 View Details
19 Delta Virtual Air Lines 1,394 1 21 View Details
20 All Nippon Airways Virtual Group 254 3 15 View Details


Latest VARB News

Newly Released Reservations


Released Airline Reservations after 23.1 Activity Check-In

The following few airlines were recently marked as inactive from the administration team and the reservations are open to public. To apply, head over to the application page

Air Baltic Virtual Boeing Virtual EVA Air Virtual
Saudia Virtual Jet Airways Virtual Thai Virtual
Alitallia Virtual Japan Virtual Asiana Virtual


Author: Avatar @Thomas_G


New Era, New logo!


We are starting a new era with IFVARB. How would that be a thing wihtout an updated look on our website and logo! As you may have already noticed, may elements are getting reworked and many new (wanted) features are introduced to public! Take the VA database for example... did you know that from now you can utilise the search function in order to find the VA you want? 

Author: Avatar @Thomas_G


23.1 Activity Check-In Has Just Begun!


The Activity Check-In form for the last 60 days is now visible to the CEOs! They are now able to submit their check-in and get a chance to be on the top20, top10 or even top3 list! 

The check-in concludes on the 12th of March, 2023. As always, our team is ready to help you out in case of any issues you may face during your submission.

Author: Avatar @Jon_H