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The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is the governing and assisting body that controls and coordinates all efforts and operations within the VA community. The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is designed and intended to enhance the VA sector of the Infinite Flight Community.

Please note the IFVARB is an independent organization not affiliated with or sponsored by Infinite Flight, serving as the governing body for Virtual Airlines within the Infinite Flight community.

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We are making this announcement today because we are proud to announce you that we have open the recruitment for new reviewers and event team members. 

Over the last few weeks we have seen an increase in the VA/VO entering the process and we thought it was a good time to open again new recruitments as it's necessary to have new faces on board as soon as possible in order to deal with all the new VA/VOs reviews. 

You can find below all the information you need to know in order to apply for this position, for now we don't have anything to communicate about the numbers of people we will take but we will take what we think it's the best to help us as much as possible. 

**→ IFVARB Website - Reviewers & Event Team Members Application** here.
**→ IFC Thread - IFVARB Reviewers Application Open** Here

***Applications for IFVARB Members will be open for one week, ending on AUGUST 19, 2023 at 2359Z.***

We can't wait to welcome all the new faces on board and we wish everyone best of luck in their application. 

Author: Avatar @Jason_M


July CEO Transfers


July CEO Transfers

The following few airlines were recently transitioned to new CEO's during the month of July! Congratulations to all of the new CEO's and best wishes for you and your virtual airlines.

SAS Virtual Group IF Global Aviators EL AL Virtual
SunExpress Virtual Spirit Virtual Turkish Virtual


Author: Avatar @Jason_M


Newly Released Reservations


Released Airline Reservations after 23.1 Activity Check-In

The following few airlines were recently marked as inactive from the administration team and the reservations are open to public. To apply, head over to the application page

Air Baltic Virtual Boeing Virtual EVA Air Virtual
Saudia Virtual Jet Airways Virtual Thai Virtual
Alitallia Virtual Japan Virtual Asiana Virtual


Author: Avatar @Thomas_G