- We Fly for You! - Founded in January 2019, Air Europa Virtual Airlines has ambitious goals. We strive only for the best in what we do. Great planes and routes, highly motivated pilots, stunning events and keep-it-simple processes, makes flying with our airline so much fun!? A REAL AIRLINE The most important task is to be a realistic airline. We want to make our pilots feel like they’re flying for an actual company and to do this, we have a ranking section, and also the ability to file pilot reports. Even though we do not exactly copy the real life operations, we strive to keep ourselves being almost like the real one, with some differences here and there. We try our hardest to give all our members a sense of responsibility and being part of the team. FLEET We only fly aircraft that have the AirEuropa livery. That’s why we fly the fantastic “city-hopper” Embrear E195 and the “short-and-long-hauler’ B787-9. Great planes with great liveries! Of course we also have B737 and the A330 in general livery. ? FLEXIBILITY AND COMMUNICATIONS Not everybody has loads of time on their hands every day, and our slogan “we fly for you” means we offer enough possibilities to fly whenever the pilot is able too. No assigned flights, no obligations! We aim to have a solid communications platform via Slack so our pilots can keep in contact and be up to date with everything, partaking in what we provide and events, as well as others. We encourage pilots to communicate a lot with each other and stimulate group flights. PILOT SATISFACTION The most important goal is to keep everybody here happy. Just have fun flying! Our pilots mean a lot to us, and it’s our job to take care of them. Again, we want to give our members a sense of responsibility and a sense of being an important part of the team. We do not tolerate any bad and uncivilized behavior of any sort towards our members. And our overall mission? Again, it’s this simple: We Fly for You! Meet our CEO below!