Reserved Virtual Airlines and Organizations

Welcome to the reservation list page. Below, you will find a list of Virtual Airlines and Organizations that are reserved. Please make sure that you check this list before applying for an airline. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Airline Name Date Reserved CEO Status
Avelo Virtual 2022-08-22 @KTJ_Mitchell Awaiting Review
China Airlines Virtual 2022-07-05 @Olegend049 Being Reviewed
Fiji Airways VIrtual 2022-08-22 @ILIKEFOOD Awaiting Review
Hainan Airlines Virtual Group 2022-07-27 @BlueSky Awaiting Review
Korean Virtual Group 2022-08-05 @soorajrajivekumar Being Reviewed
Neos Virtual 2022-07-01 @IF_AMERICA_DO_SUL Being Reviewed
Pacifica Virtual 2022-03-03 @lhr_pilot Being Reviewed
Pegasus Virtual Airlines 2022-03-07 @Cagri Being Reviewed
Spirit Virtual 2022-07-04 @Isabel_Ribeiro Being Reviewed
Texas Virtual Airways 2022-05-10 @IV_AVIATION_YouTube Being Reviewed
Transavia Virtual Airline 2022-08-20 @Levi_Weterings Awaiting Review
TUI Virtual Group 2022-07-30 @Levi.H Being Reviewed
vAir Mauritius 2022-08-18 @Javiation_491 Being Reviewed