Reserved Virtual Airlines and Organizations

Welcome to the reservation list page. Below, you will find a list of Virtual Airlines and Organizations that are reserved. Please make sure that you check this list before applying for an airline. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Airline Name Date Reserved CEO Status
Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual 2020-07-20 @Stellar_G Awaiting Review
Air Austral Virtual 2020-08-26 @Aero Awaiting Review
Air Mauritius Virtual Airlines 2020-07-12 @Ianuccelli Awaiting Review
Allegiant Virtual 2020-08-23 @KTJ_Mitchell Awaiting Review
AnadoluJet Virtual 2020-08-09 @CaptMuk24 Awaiting Review
Copa Virtual Airlines 2020-08-18 @I-am-the-captain-now Awaiting Review
Croatia Virtual Airlines 2020-07-06 @AviatorNikola Being Reviewed
Egyptair VA 2020-06-30 @HazemRaafat Being Reviewed
German Infinite Flight Alliance 2020-08-07 @Marco_Kruse Awaiting Review
GOL / VARIG Virtual Airlines 2020-08-19 @Renan Awaiting Review
IFAM AERO AMÉRICAS 2020-08-10 @Junior_manoel01 Awaiting Review
IFSAVo 2020-07-16 @tmk7 Awaiting Review
Infinite Flight Global Experts Pilots 2020-08-08 @Kuan_H Awaiting Review
Infinite Flight Hurricane Hunters 2020-07-27 @RTG113 Being Reviewed
Infinite Flight Pilot Indonesia 2020-06-15 @IFPI.IFSea.Agil Being Reviewed
Infinite Flight Pilots Club(IFPC) 2020-05-19 @Rednose-1-Super Being Reviewed
Jet Airways Virtual 2020-09-05 @Deval_Surana Awaiting Review
JetStream Virtual 2020-09-02 @Millard_Lee Awaiting Review
NetJets Virtual 2020-07-11 @CaptJackson Being Reviewed
North American Pilot's Club 2020-07-08 @United2 Being Reviewed
SkyWest Virtual 2020-08-26 @FlightisticYT Awaiting Review
Sriwijaya Virtual Airline 2020-06-18 @IFFI-Kanzi Being Reviewed
Thomas Cook Group Virtual 2020-08-01 @Fynlay_Davies Awaiting Review
Trans Russian Virtual Group 2020-03-26 @SahyaQFFlyer Being Reviewed
XoJet Virtual 2020-05-13 @Brody_Swiatek Being Reviewed