Reserved Virtual Airlines and Organizations

Welcome to the reservation list page. Below, you will find a list of Virtual Airlines and Organizations that are reserved. Please make sure that you check this list before applying for an airline. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Airline Name Date Reserved CEO Status
Air Lease VA 2019-10-25 @ThePlaneFlyer Awaiting Review
Air Tahiti Nui Virtual 2019-10-25 @Sammy_Neale Awaiting Review
AirbusIFC 2019-09-23 @Flying_dutchman1 Awaiting Review
All Nippon Airways Virtual Group 2019-11-15 @ran Awaiting Review
Aloha Virtual 2019-11-12 @Starz Awaiting Review
Asiana Virtual Airlines 2019-10-22 @TheGuy Awaiting Review
Austral Virtual 2019-10-12 @1Bit Awaiting Review
Bombardier Virtual 2019-10-29 @Matt_Croatia001 Awaiting Review
China Airlines Virtural 2019-10-03 @S_Jiang Being Reviewed
DHL Virtual 2019-10-19 @CaptainClark Being Reviewed
EVA Virtual Corporation 2019-07-22 @TaipeiGuru Being Reviewed
FlyDubai 2019-07-09 @Ecoops_123 Being Reviewed
Frontier Virtual Airlines 2019-11-29 @Aviation_Alex Awaiting Review
Gulfstream Infinite Flight 2019-11-16 @Gulfstream Awaiting Review
Iberia Virtual Airlines 2019-06-21 @Guxk Being Reviewed
IFHUB (short for The Infinite Flight Hub) 2019-10-27 @rebal15 Awaiting Review
Indigo Virtual 2019-10-26 @Ifly_guy_yt Awaiting Review
Infinite Flight AĆ©roport de Paris 2019-11-10 @jeremy351 Awaiting Review
Infinite Flight Flyers 2019-11-18 @RTG113 Awaiting Review
Infinite Flight Gulf Cooperation 2019-09-04 @Esam_Khaled Being Reviewed
Jet2 United Kingdom 2019-10-01 @SpeedPlayz Awaiting Review
Mexicana Virtual 2019-10-22 @B6TWUFA Awaiting Review
National Charter Service Virtual 2019-09-10 @Sir_Baller Being Reviewed
Qatar Airways Virtual 2019-10-19 @Luke_L Being Reviewed
Turkish Airlines Virtual 2019-10-13 @Ben_Murtagh1 Being Reviewed
Veloce Executive 2019-10-02 @Captainjayden Awaiting Review
VIPlanes 2019-10-29 @Nick_Martin Sasquatch Awaiting Review
Viva Aerobus 2019-11-09 @SebastianSanchezLara Awaiting Review