Reserved Virtual Airlines and Organizations

Welcome to the reservation list page. Below, you will find a list of Virtual Airlines and Organizations that are reserved. Please make sure that you check this list before applying for an airline. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Airline Name Date Reserved CEO Status
AeroLogic Virtual 2019-05-01 @TCHeincy Being Reviewed
Air Austral Virtual 2019-05-15 @1bit Being Reviewed
Air transat Virtual 2019-05-30 @samflic Being Reviewed
AirAsia Virtual Airlines 2019-07-30 @Elvan_Makoto Awaiting Review
Atlas Air 2019-06-03 @Maksimiliannjr_11 Being Reviewed
Australia - New Zealand Flying Club 2019-07-11 @AviationMad Awaiting Review
Avianca VA 2019-03-28 @Altaria55 Being Reviewed
Aviation Academy 2019-05-24 @Flare911 Awaiting Review
Brussels Airlines Virtual 2019-05-31 @Captain_George_IF Being Reviewed
EVA Virtual Corporation 2019-07-22 @TaipeiGuru Awaiting Review
Finnair Virtual Airlines 2019-05-16 @CR3W Being Reviewed
FlyDubai 2019-07-09 @Ryan_1872 Awaiting Review
Global Virtual 2019-06-11 @Infinite_Flight_Sims Awaiting Review
Infinite Flight Cargo Experts 2019-05-25 @Luke_L Awaiting Review
Infinite Flight Italia Official 2019-08-15 @angelo_romani Awaiting Review
InfiniteFlyWings 2019-08-15 @Infiniteflightuk Awaiting Review
Japan Virtual Airline 2019-08-09 @iJazzyman Awaiting Review
Lion Group Virtual Airlines 2019-08-18 @vinoalviano Awaiting Review
Litair 2019-08-08 @ignas04 Awaiting Review
LOT Polish Airlines Virtual 2019-07-13 @RednoseHeavy Being Reviewed
Malaysia Airlines Virtual 2019-07-13 @Mika Awaiting Review
Mexicana Virtual 2019-05-14 @Gil_S Being Reviewed
Mountains Jets 2019-07-16 @HugoMorand_Airfrance Awaiting Review
Norwegian Virtual Airline 2019-07-20 @Snower Being Reviewed
Philippines Virtual 2019-07-01 @Javier_Arnau_Avila Awaiting Review
Royal Caribbean Virtual Airlines 2019-06-18 @United10 Being Reviewed
Saudia Virtual 2019-05-07 @Latvia Being Reviewed
SkyFly Virtual Airlines 2019-06-01 @CameronH21 Awaiting Review
Sounds Air Virtual 2019-07-08 @Sashaz55 Being Reviewed
Tanistic Air 2019-07-11 @Samivan_911 Awaiting Review
The Infinite Flight Hub 2019-06-01 @rebal15 Awaiting Review
Volaris Virtual 2019-07-05 @Fernando_Carbajal Being Reviewed
Wider√łe 2019-05-01 @DutchPilot1 Being Reviewed