Reserved Virtual Airlines and Organizations

Welcome to the reservation list page. Below, you will find a list of Virtual Airlines and Organizations that are reserved. Please make sure that you check this list before applying for an airline. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Airline Name Date Reserved CEO Status
air mauritius Virtual 2021-02-23 @Aryan_Sharma Awaiting Review
AirAsia VA 2020-11-23 @Elvan_MakoTo Being Reviewed
AppleJet Virtual 2021-02-25 @Liam_McAtee Awaiting Review
Caribbean Airlines Virtual 2020-12-04 @Patrick_Sterling_Jr Being Reviewed
Cebu Pacific Virtual 2021-02-14 @Sammy_Neale Awaiting Review
China Airlines 2021-02-16 @Marquatzi Awaiting Review
DHL Virtual 2021-02-10 @Vortex Being Reviewed
Fresh Air Connect 2021-01-18 @JagroGaming Awaiting Review
Global ATC Requests for the Training Server (GARTS) 2020-12-12 @Thomas_G Being Reviewed
Infinite Flight Hurricane Hunters 2020-07-27 @RTG113 Being Reviewed
Infinite Flight Pilots Club(IFPC) 2020-05-19 @Rednose-1-Super Being Reviewed
Infinite Flight States Arab 2021-01-18 @PilotAdnan-IFSA Being Reviewed
JetSMART Virtual 2021-02-20 @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL Awaiting Review
JetStream Virtual 2020-09-02 @Millard_Lee Being Reviewed
Kenya Airways Virtual 2020-11-09 @stm.aviation Being Reviewed
Pakistan Intl Virtual Airline 2021-01-13 @ibrahim_asif Being Reviewed
Philippine Airlines Virtual [PRVA] 2020-12-28 @Andy_R Being Reviewed
Ryanair Virtual 2020-12-13 @CaptainDixon Being Reviewed
Thomas Cook Group Virtual 2020-08-01 @FlyCymru101 Being Reviewed
Ukraine International Airlines Virtual (UIAV) 2020-12-17 @TheExDid_HD Being Reviewed
Virtual Airshow Council (VAC) 2021-01-13 @deltamd88fan Being Reviewed
Virtual Ice 2021-03-01 @Pajd02 Awaiting Review
XoJet Virtual 2020-05-13 @Brody_Swiatek Being Reviewed