Director of Marketing - Qantas Virtual Group

Calling all with experience in Social Media/Film Creation - Ready to Rise to the Challenge?

We’re looking for new and dedicated team members to join our staff team.

If you’re successful in joining us, you’ll be joining a team where creativity, diversity and innovation are encouraged. Every member of the Qantas Virtual Group enjoys the opportunity and support to follow their dreams, face new challenges and aim for the impossible.

We’re now hiring the next face of the Qantas Virtual Group who’ll aim high and follow the dreams of our founders. Apply below!


Proper grammar and fluency in the English language, experience in Social Media and Film Editing (particularly with Infinite Flight). Ideally to have a Photoshop/Photo Editing Software.

The Responsibilities and description of the Social Media Representative:
- Social Media Marketing: optimise, maintain, monitor and lead the platforms and any marketing strategies carried out in them: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
- Content creation and management: content marketing.
- Interaction with users: community engagement.
- Monitoring: online media, information sources and social channels.
- Fan building: based on achieving specific objectives relating to the organisation.
- Contests and campaigns: creative input, development, starting up and monitoring.
- Email marketing: development, creative input, running, results and campaigns.
- Coordination and management of press and communication tasks: contents, interviews, website news, exclusive acts, etc.
- Video-marketing: optimisation, search, keywords, sponsored videos, marketing.
- Community: leading online communities, brand representation in different forums and communities.

Please fill out the application below if you are interested in this position. It is important that you enter your correct Infinite Flight Community username or else the application may not be elgible. If you have questions about this position, please contact the airline or organization via the contact button on the job opening dashboard. By submitting this application, you agree that you have read all IFVARB Policies and meet all the requirements to be a staff member at an airline or organization.

Application Closes on 2020-10-10