2022 IFVARB Summit

Welcome to the IFVARB Summit sign up process! We are taking the stress away from our CEOs and opening the summit for members of virtual airlines and organizations to sign up on their own. Each entry will be verified at a later date for eligibility by VA/VO Staff. Please note that reservations are for VA/VO members only. We will have a stand-by list as well as generic open locations available for the public. More information for this will be provided closer to the 2022 Summit.

The 2022 IFVARB Summit will take place on

March 12, 2022




Check out the IFC thread for more details!

Sign-up list and stats will appear here once a few people sign up...

Sign-up completed. Please contact an admin for any inquiries.

Summit Attendees

IFC Ident VA/VO Fly-In Fly-Out Aircraft Airport Terminal Gate Arrival Pushback